PNR Converter

for Galileo, Smartpoint, Worldspan, Amadeus & Sabre GDS

Using PNR Converter is easy!

We've developed one of the most advanced tools on the web to convert raw data from any travel agent GDS into a nice, customer friendly readable itinerary. Using PNR Converter is about as straight forward as it's possible to get!

”We’ve turned over 1,000,000 itineraries from Travel Agent Jargon, into good old, plain readable English”

The new and improved PNRconverter v2.0 now includes an advanced algorithm that works behind the scenes to enable PNRconverter to accurately extract detailed flight information from a PNR (Personal Name Record). PNR converter will provide detailed flight itinerary including times, flight duration, flight distance and even cabin class. The output is fully customisable allowing travel agents to pick a format that they think looks clearest (please let us know if you have any suggestions for formats you would like to see).

Simply copy and paste your itinerary from your travel agent flight GDS system, Galileo, Smartpoint, Sabre or Amadeus and PNR Converter will give you coherent, comprehensive and easily readable flight itinerary to send to your customers.

Step 1:

Hold flights or bring up a PNR in Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre or whichever GDS your agency uses. This itinerary can include flights, hotels, car hire and passenger names!

Step 2:

Use your mouse to select the itinerary and copy it to the clip board

Step 3:

Go to and paste the itinerary into the box at the top

Step 4:

Hit ‘Convert’

Step 5:

Now the fun begins, you can play around with the options, by clicking the results format and display options box until you find a combination you like! We’ve tried to choose our favorite, but we couldn’t so that’s why we put so many options in

Step 6:

Copy and Paste the output into an Email, send to your clients and have happy customers!